Thursday, June 23, 2011

So it’s almost 3AM when I’m writing this, so I apologize if any of it doesn’t make sense. It’s one of those nights where you fall asleep at 9pm, and then at 2 AM you wake up with contacts in and bugging the heeeeck out of you, teeth unbrushed, and feeling very disoriented. So after properly getting ready for bed, I’m fully awake and ready to make up for time lost. Unfortunately this husband of mine isn’t much for words right now.

So I thought I’d try to crack a mystery. You see, there has been a malicious, sick-minded thief somewhere nearby and I’ve been racking my brain like mad to figure out who and why.

First off, let me explain our situation. We live above the café. Our little hallway consists of 3 other bedrooms, filled with 4 other girls. We all share the same bathroom. There’s another wing with a similar setup.

This is where all the complications begin.

A couple weeks ago I couldn’t find my toothbrush. I always put it back on the shelf (you know those ones where the mirror opens up?) next to Alex’s. But one day it was no where to be found! I looked all over- the shower, in our bedroom, even tentatively looked at the trash, but could not find my beloved green toothbrush. Only after I had Alex help me look did we find it…
…behind the toilet with all the cleaning supplies. After smelling for any strange scent and finding only mint, I soaked it in scalding hot water and tried to ignore it ever happened.

And there's my toothbrush, leaning up against the Comet as if its the most natural thing in the world.

Imagine my horror when this happened for the third time two days ago.


I am very particular about my teeth. I brush at least 3 times a day, and I come from a family that after any meal (home or restaurant) will pass out floss for everyone. (Does anyone else do that?) It’s also common for me to wake up in the night, and craving that minty freshness- will run to the bathroom for a usual quickie. (Of brushing my teeth that is.)

Do you now understand what I meant by malicious, sick-minded thief? Lets take a look at the suspects.

First off, this person must be doing it deliberately to me, unless they somehow think it is theirs and that putting it behind the toilet is a perfectly natural place to keep it. But why else would they open the mirror cabinet, reach over Alex’s toothbrush to mine and clean the bathroom with it? Ughhh, it gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!!

It could be Jannae or Becky. But they are the ultimate germaphobes and I doubt they would even touch anyone else’s toothbrush. They’re perfect for each other:)

It could be the girl in the room closest to the bathroom. But she’s a little party animal and even though she’s technically lived here for almost two weeks, still hasn’t spent a night in her apartment.

It could be the other girl in our hall. But she’s from Bulgaria with a sweet accent and awesome clothes. Call me an ignorant and naive American, but something about an accent melts me.

It could be Alex. But I’d like to think he’s not a creep who would do such a thing and still kiss me.

Or it could be me. Which, as horrifying as it is to think about, is becoming a more possible explanation every time I think about it. You see, I’m a crazy sleeper. Alex wakes up practically every night to me jumping out of bed for the door, chatting about getting an order through or running from the “mormon holocaust.”

Poor guy. But this poor guy is a light sleeper, and immediately wakes up to carefully lead me back to bed- which supposedly has me back to snoring in 2 seconds. (Well that’s what he says- but of course I don’t actually snore.)

We thought of a few solutions. Alex thinks we should monitor whenever people go to the bathroom, and check right after to see if the toothbrush is still in its proper place. Might appear a little strange, but we’ll try it.


Or maybe if I set booby traps for myself, something that hopefully only a sleep-walking person would fall for. Hmm.

Am I cleaning the bathroom in my sleep with my toothbrush??
Has this happened to anyone else before?


Some random pics from this week:

Still making lots of lattes, in case you're wondering.

Alex and I in our T-shirts that we wear every. single. day. The new shipment is supposed to come next week- halelujahhhhhh! I'm hoping for the mint green or blue. Or black. Or anything but orange.

The flowers outside the cafe. Gorgeous!

Alex's great photography skills. xoxo Gossip girl.

Went to the lighthouse beach on our day off. Finallyy a break from the rain booooyaah

Going out to dinner for our mini anniversary! Delicious, but lessons learned:

-Don't let them fool you into believing that they only do bottled or sparkling water. Because you just might be paying $8 dollars a bottle.

-Lobster ravioli... I wish I had a picture. That is all I'm going to say about it.

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  1. Hahahahahahaha, I love you. Looks like you're having a blast!! I hope you find out who it is! :)


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