Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Last night after Alex got home and we ate dinner (I actually had it ready when he got home, yes!!) we decided to go for our usual walk. The last fifteen minutes, a big storm was obviously rolling in. Soon there were flashes of lightning and loud thunder so we kicked up our pace to a jog and got home just in time for pouring rain.

The lightning and thunder decided to get all dramatic, and before long the power was out. It was only 8:30 but we climbed in bed and snuggled up by the window to watch the lightning show in pitch black. We were completely unplugged, since the internet was down and we didn’t want to waste battery life (who knows how long it will be out this time?) There were no chores or cleaning to be done, because you couldn’t see anything. Alex couldn’t do work stuff. There was simply nothing else to do but enjoy the moment. Everything was so quiet and peaceful. Besides the thunder, of course. But even that was peaceful too. Isn't there something so cozy about listening to pouring rain and thunder while you are warm and dry inside? It's one of my favorite things.

Because it was early, we weren’t tired. So we talked. Mostly about baby. What we are most nervous for, and what we are most excited about. I love moments like that.

These days

Thursday, January 9, 2014

After that very long update on the past month, here's what is going on right now.

I am almost through an entire box of kleenex opened this morning. And can't seem to move above a whisper or I start coughing up a storm. On this bed, ramen noodles for breakfast and pajamas at 6pm are totally acceptable. Oh, and I sound like a frog. 

Thankfully, the fever is gone! I'm not a fan of being sick especially while pregnant, my friends. Your drugstore selection is severely limited. But the best news of all is that baby, despite the unfortunate circumstances, is kicking away and apparently happy in there! He is the best and we are now 25.5 weeks along. Crazy how fast this has gone, I'm almost in the 3rd trimester. WHAAT? I remember at the very beginning thinking that April was literally forever away. Pah!

And how fitting that the bump would make more of an entrance after Christmas time, which I believe was NO coincidence considering all the American food hoarding that went on...and so worth it. I'm a big fan of this baby bump!

Now for a little update, totally boring but for my own records.

Total weight gain: Again, no scale. Doctor appointment on Monday, but I kind of hate this question anyway. 
Maternity clothes? ....YES! H&M maternity pants. I mostly tried them on for fun, along with 10 other pair of regular jeans. There was no comparison. I am shocked how much I love them!
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep: Problems. This is mostly due to being sick though. Normally, I'm still doing great, besides a few trips to the bathroom.
Best moment this week month: Seeing how excited everyone was about this baby! It kinda felt like I just announced, because I haven't seen everyone in person yet. 
Miss anything? Bending over (especially while sitting down) feels like I'm being (gently?) punched in the gut. A little surprising to me, because my bump isn't THAT big yet. 
Movement: Starting to feel kicks up into my ribs! It always makes me jump because it is the weeeirdest feeling. I live for his kicks! 
Food cravings: Food tastes like cardboard. But I never made it to frozen yogurt while at home, so I'm still dreaming of that.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I've been really lucky the past while. I had a stuffy nose during most of my time in the U.S., which I actually enjoyed. Not smelling every little thing x10 is A-okay with me! But I still have to be careful about water on an empty stomach, it comes right up.
Gender: Boy! 
Labour signs: No.
Symptoms: Hormonal acne. You can go far, far away now. OH and the best news ever, my sciatic nerve pain has let up SO much! I have to admit, I was really proud of myself doing insanity every day with my fam in the DR. Modified, of course. Ahh, to finally exercise consistently! I took over a month off from my favorite workouts- it seemed like anything I did would cause a flare up so I had to take it easy. I tried to listen to my body and walked with some running here and there. So I was a little shocked at my ability to keep up with the workouts, like I said I've really tried to listen to my body and it felt so good! However, plane rides (especially long red eyes) are brutality. I ended up standing at least an hour and a half on the flight home, which helped a lot. But ahhh my back! Old woman right here. 

After my 9 hour overnight flight from Brazil to JFK, check out these lovelies! Pregnancy glam at its finest. Compression socks are my new bff. 

Belly button in or out? In, but starting to flatten out. Pretty sure I'll have an outie eventually. 
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Honestly, more moody than happy with being sick. Sorry, Al. 
Looking forward to: Feeling baby's hiccups!

Lastly, a couple days ago I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting for 10 minutes. In Portuguese! Scaaaary. Anyone out there want to help me translate?

Andddd we're back

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back in Brazil! Driving to our house from the airport felt surreal- I couldn't believe it had already been nearly a month! We had the best break. EVER. I feel like I had a perfect amount of time- 5 days in CT, Utah for 7 staying with my in-laws, and another 8 days with my entire family in the DR. I didn't haul my wonderful camera around, so hooooray for phone pics. As per usual these days.

I selfishly left a few days before Alex, anxious to enjoy the Christmas season in New Canaan, and my little brother's state championship game. I was in a total winter wonderland- a freezing one at that! But I loved bundling up in layers upon layers for a 18 degree state championship game (in which we schooled our rivals), sitting by the fire with my sisters, running around with nieces and nephews, taking a Costco run with my dad, and much more.

A typical moment in the "commune"

ALSO I finaaally got to see one of my best friends from seemingly forever, Lauren. I took a last minute train out to NYC and it was a perfect night walking around Chelsea Market, exploring the holiday shops, dessert at Max Brenner, and mostly catching up- because it really has been too long.

Then I headed out to Utah, where we stayed with the animal people.

Haha, just kidding. But not really:)

Some of the things we did included: Temple Square to see the lights, a lot of Christmas shopping (and loading up on things you can't get in Brazil), decorating gingerbread houses, time with my hero of a grandpa, and of course I baked a lot. One in particular, homemade marshmallows. These have been on my "Cooking Bucket List" for awhile. SO good, and surprisingly easy. I used Alton Brown's recipe. DO IT.

My grandma already started my baby quilt! 

Alex and I have completely different family dynamics- mine is huge, loud, and more often than not chaotic. His is small and relaxed. Both are so much fun, and it's nice to have the best of both worlds to enjoy.

As if all of this wasn't more than enough, the day after Christmas we flew out to the Dominican Republic, something my family has done the past 5 years or so. All the siblings and grandkids came, and we rented a house right on the beach. Ohhhhhh paradise!

Of course, s'mores on New Years

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