A few of my favorite things

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spontaneous dance parties (in the car, kitchen, etc)
Reading through a cookbook
Liam learning a new word
Long walks
Alex coming home for lunch
Homemade bread
Being at a football game
Planning a party
Costco and Trader Joe's
Feeling of accomplishment after a hard workout
Country music
Laying Liam in his crib, immediately followed by a huge, sleepy grin

The last couple months have been wonderful, and full of everything on this list. Almost.

Can I complain for a minute? This will be the 4th year (in a row) that we have missed a good ol' American fall, and I am (a lot) sore about it. Instagram is obnoxiously (but yet wonderfully) full of red leaves, boots, football games, and layers. Torture I tell you. However. ...drum roll... My sister is getting married next month, so I get to experience a week or two of it! I could kiss her.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures from life lately.

Sista Sista

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The past couple months have been a bit of a roller coaster. But first of all, a lot of highs- my sister Vanessa (aka the other V girl) finished her mission here in Brazil, and some of my family came out to pick her up. The best part was, I got to go back with them! We had a full week of all 7 sisters there- dance partying it up every chance we got, shopping in Bloomingdales NY for my little sister's prom dress, finally watching the new Cinderella, tea party birthday for my mom, nephew's soccer games, our favorite restaurants, and chick flicks by night.

Writing this out kinda makes me angry because WHY don't we take more pictures?! Oh well, it was superb. Much needed and prolonged sister time. Having 6 sisters isn't something many people can say and I am one lucky girl! Not sure how my mom handled all that drama and estrogen while we were growing up, but I am so SO thankful that she did. Turns out they are my 6 best friends. A saint indeed.

Driving me crazy

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dirty hands constantly tugging on my pant leg
Stretching out my shirt
Pulling out my hair. Will there be any left? For the first time in my a life a pixie cut actually sounds appealing..
And then there is the whining
Playing in the toilet
Mastitis thinks we are BFF's
Biting. Oh the biting! Holy OUCH
Blow outs and changing the sheets again
Ear splitting screeches
Smashed crackers into the couch and rug
Chucking my new blush at the wall- now hundreds of pieces
Newly folded laundry scattered about
When does preschool start??

And then in the middle of it they say, "Enjoy this. Because once he starts walking it's all over!" 

Are you KIDDING me? Say that again and I will throw this greenish-brownish diaper at you.

I'm inept! Too selfish! Not cut out for the mom thing! I love you baby, but I'm just not feeling it right now. How is it only Tuesday?

But then I take a breath, stop doing the dishes, or put down my phone. Say a silent prayer.

And I remember why I wouldn't trade being here for the world. Because instead of sticky hands that tug and pull-
I see 10 perfect fingers, and 10 tiny toes
6 teeth
2 yummy cheeks
1 mischievous grin
The excitement of discovering something new
Constant gibberish that I'm convinced sounds intelligent
Utter awe over your own reflection, also known as "that cutie in the mirror"
Reddish hair growing out, and white-blonde growing in
Peek-a-boo that keeps us both entertained forever
Giggles that are literally the best thing in the entire world

Don't grow up little one! My baby forever and always. I am only lucky girl.


Lovey dovey

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Because I always do a Valentine's day post, let's get to it. I've been so lazy on here lately! But duh, I adore Valentine's day. As I have gushed about here and here.

It is funny looking back on how each year has brought something new. The first year, we were married. The year before that I didn't even know Alex, so the first Valentine's felt pretty cool, even though we were babysitting my cousins that week. The next year, I was working. The reception center that I worked hosted an annual 5 course Valentine's dinner, but we found a way to make it special. The next year we found ourselves in Brazil, and me being 8 months pregnant. And finally, this year we have a 10 month old rugrat which has definitely brought the biggest change of all.

We decided to make a weekend of it, and embrace the corniness whole heartedly. For the first time EVER (since probably elementary), I made a homemade card. To me it was witty and hilarious but perhaps inappropriate, so... whatever. I'm sharing the start of it anyway.

When Alex came home, I had the living room decked out in Christmas lights, music, a comfy cozy living room with blankets and pillows, and a bag with his favorite candy and card. Of course I snagged the opportunity to wear a red dress and lipstick because that's what Valentine's Day is all about.

Just kidding. Cleary it is about the food! A killer lasagna, homemade breadsticks, green salad, and our very favorite chocolate pudding cake.

Kidding again. Obviouslyyyy V-day is about the lovelovelove. We put Liam to bed, and had a long dinner eating and talking a lot. I even convinced Alex (probably the least sentimental person ever) to dance with me to our first song from the wedding. Butterflies.

WARNING: Here comes the lovey dovey part.. I can't resist! I try not to get too gushy on here, but the fact of the matter is- I am so in love with this man! Of course there have been bumps along the way, but it has only gotten better. I recently read a quote by James E. Faust that I have been thinking a lot about lately.

"In the enriching of marriage the big things are the little things. It is a constant appreciation for each other and a thoughtful demonstration of gratitude. It is the encouraging the helping of each other to grow. Marriage is a joint quest for the good, the beautiful, and the divine." 

If there is anything I have learned about love- not infatuation, but love that is REAL- that is it. Alex makes me feel so cherished by the little things he does everyday and I feel the luckiest to be with him every step of the way.

Cheers, love day!

It's Been A While

Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's been a couple months, and I'm not really sure where to start?

We had such a great Christmas, and spent a lot of time with both of our families.  Liam and I even stayed an extra couple weeks. So after a month of basking in boot and coat weather in the U.S., we are back in Brazil. Green and beautiful Brazil. January and February are always a little dreary after the Christmas lights get taken down and your left with a whole lot of ice and snow, so I'm not really complaining these days;)

When in CT, I was driving with my little sister and as we were rounding a curve as a car slowly pulled out of their driveway. I slammed on the brakes, sounded my horn, and we were going again without a word. A minute or so later Hannah looked over at me completely baffled. "THAT was close. I'm shaking!!" I was a little confused at first, then realized it didn't phase me one bit. I have to say, that was a proud moment for me. A little bit of a pat on the back that even though my Portuguese still sucks and I just dropped my phone down the elevator shaft, at least I'm catching onto the pyscho driving thing. And I didn't even get a ticket during my stay in the U.S.! Ba boooom

Also, after a week of being back I decided to make a last minute trip to meet my family in Disneyworld for 3 days. Why not? It was fantastic and Liam and I are now pretty accustomed to traveling just the two of us. So I'm taking full advantage of that!

On another note, my little man is now crawling and climbing over everything. It boggles my mind how much he has changed in the last couple months! I absolutely love how curious he is. I also adore those front teeth that came in- by far the cutest front teeth I've seen. We have a pretty good time together and I feel so so blessed that I get to be home with him!

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