A little love story: Part 1

Friday, May 23, 2014

A little while ago I stumbled on an online journal I had started around the time Alex and I were dating. The journal was actually created to document how I saw the hand of the Lord in my life that day. How I felt blessed, in small ways or big. And although it has a lot of my spiritual thoughts in there, it also has a lot of thoughts about Alex in there too. I suppose I couldn’t help it, I was so grateful to have this amazing guy pop into my life! 

I’m surprised I’ve never shared mine and Alex’s little love story on here before. It was quite the whirlwind. Our first date was July 5th, and we were married December 17th. The summary of it sounds so cliché BYU couple, but to me it is the most romantic story I’ve ever heard. I was literally giggling like a schoolgirl when reading through these entries. Maybe I’m a little biased? Definitely. So here we go, if you’re up for it.

A Little Love Story: Part 1

Towards the end of my freshman year at BYU, I decided last minute that I didn’t want to go home for the summer. I was having too much fun, why go back to my room in Connecticut where I had no idea what I’d even be doing? So I started to look for apartments. I had already done a lot of apartment shopping with my friends for next fall. In particular we loved the Avenues (great location and fun atmosphere), but it was pricey and we ended up deciding on an adorable townhouse called Campus Lane, across from Liberty Square. So for the summer, I really wanted to live in the Avenues, even though I didn’t know a single person who was there. Plus I could get a much better price with girls desperate to sell their contracts. I found someone who was moving out and she agreed to sell me her contract. It was perfect! But during finals and a week before moving in, she decided to stay and the contract was no longer available. Are you kidding?! Not even bothering to look anywhere else, I started knocking random doors in the building, asking if anyone was selling their spring/summer contract and quickly found one conveniently located on the first floor. I moved in a few days later to an apartment with three other girls I had never met. 

Oh my. I was so intimidated!! I was a lowly freshman (well, now technically a sophmore) and these girls were entering their senior year and had been roommates/best friends for the past two years. Laura, Natalie, and Kellie. But let me tell you, I lucked out big time! They were so welcoming and sweet, and totally included me in all their social circles and outings- which I was in desperate need of, considering all my homesick friends had eagerly gone home. 

My first night I was unpacking kitchen supplies when a group of guys came over. They lived in another apartment complex, where my roommates used to live and were all good friends. They all seemed really nice and approachable, except one. A really cute one. Towhead, tall, and I couldn’t help but notice that great build. (What can I say- us Neeleman girls like big guys?) But he seemed pretty reserved, and the conversation didn’t move past basic introductions. After they left, I told my roommates “Woahhh who was that?!” One of them jokingly said, “Oh great, now another one likes Alex!” They also mentioned that he might still be dating one of the BYU cheerleaders, an amazing girl apparently. 

A few days later, my roommate was squealing with excitement over a conversation she was having with Alex over facebook. Yep, I was definitely going to leave this one alone. No way I was going to be that girl coming in and shaking things up! 

The same group of guys came over regularly the next couple months. I usually made myself pretty sparse when they did and was careful not to be flirty. One time I played Jenga with all of them though, and randomly ended up next to Alex. Naturally, I toppled the Jenga tower twice in a row. I am so bad at that game, thanks to my impatient nature. Alex later told me that he noticed an NFL app on my phone that night, which immediately spiked his interest in me.  (Little did he know, that automatically came with my blackberry and hadn’t thought to delete it. Ha!)

It wasn’t until summer semester was starting that we actually started talking. Sorta. I had just taken American Heritage, and apparently Alex would be summer semester. He started asking around if anyone had the textbook, and Kellie told him I did. I had no need for it anymore, and said that Alex can come get it whenever he wants. Well, apparently he wanted a little more direct communication because a few days later I got a text, “Hey Victoria, you probably don’t remember me but this is Alex from the Elms. Kellie mentioned that you’d be willing to lend me your AH textbook. Thanks! When will you be around so I can pick it up?” I was at work, and gave a brief response that I left it on my kitchen table and he could stop by the apartment anytime, because chances are one of my roommates would be there. I figured that would be the end of the conversation, until he quickly responded, “Oh ok. Well let me know when you are there. What are you up to?” A few hours later I gave another short (and slightly rude) response, “At work. I’ll let you know, but like I said- you can stop by any time.” I had only heard the best things about him and obviously thought he was really attractive, but never considered pursuing anything. I didn’t want to be stepping on any toes, plus he might have a girlfriend. It wasn’t much later that he texted back, “Ok. So where do you work?” 

And that’s when our first “real” conversation started. Yes, our relationship started over text. That is also when I started to consider this guy. After all, I hadn’t heard anything further about a girlfriend and nothing seemed to be developing with my roommates. Turns out they weren’t seriously interested anyway. 

When I got home, I wrote out a quick note wishing him luck on this beast of a class, and slid it in the textbook. He stopped by looking good as ever in a shirt and tie, (at the time he was teaching at the MTC and on his way to work) we exchanged a few quick words, and that was it. 

Until a few days later when I got another text. “How can I repay you for lending out your book?” I couldn’t help but smile at that. I mean really?

Part 2 here.

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