Driving me crazy

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dirty hands constantly tugging on my pant leg
Stretching out my shirt
Pulling out my hair. Will there be any left? For the first time in my a life a pixie cut actually sounds appealing..
And then there is the whining
Playing in the toilet
Mastitis thinks we are BFF's
Biting. Oh the biting! Holy OUCH
Blow outs and changing the sheets again
Ear splitting screeches
Smashed crackers into the couch and rug
Chucking my new blush at the wall- now hundreds of pieces
Newly folded laundry scattered about
When does preschool start??

And then in the middle of it they say, "Enjoy this. Because once he starts walking it's all over!" 

Are you KIDDING me? Say that again and I will throw this greenish-brownish diaper at you.

I'm inept! Too selfish! Not cut out for the mom thing! I love you baby, but I'm just not feeling it right now. How is it only Tuesday?

But then I take a breath, stop doing the dishes, or put down my phone. Say a silent prayer.

And I remember why I wouldn't trade being here for the world. Because instead of sticky hands that tug and pull-
I see 10 perfect fingers, and 10 tiny toes
6 teeth
2 yummy cheeks
1 mischievous grin
The excitement of discovering something new
Constant gibberish that I'm convinced sounds intelligent
Utter awe over your own reflection, also known as "that cutie in the mirror"
Reddish hair growing out, and white-blonde growing in
Peek-a-boo that keeps us both entertained forever
Giggles that are literally the best thing in the entire world

Don't grow up little one! My baby forever and always. I am only lucky girl.


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