Meet Clara Joan

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I am crazy about my little Clara! Her middle name, Joan, is after my grandma and has such special meaning to me. She looks so much like Liam did, so we have another Alex clone here. Good thing he's cute! 

Being the second baby, caring for a newborn doesn't seem nearly as stressful this time around. Perhaps because I have been around the block before, but some of the credit goes to her sweet, easygoing nature. As long as she is in someone's arms and involved in whatever is going on, she is happy. So thanks to that, and the fact that Liam has been an angel with her, this transition to two kids has been so much easier than I expected! Don't get my wrong, there are definitely moments when I feel way in over my head, that neither child is getting the love and attention they need. But it is wonderful and these little rugrats have brought so much love and complete joy. I can't wait until Clara is able to be Liam's little playmate, he is anxious for her to grow up already! But not yet because these newborn cuddles are heavenly. 

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