Well, well, welllll

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Turns out there are some exciting changes going on around these parts. 

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Getting a little personal

Monday, October 7, 2013

I would like to say that I'm not much of a complainer. Most of the time, I don't see the need to share my complaints with the world. Today I'm feeling a little different. A little more frank.

Isn't it interesting how fast we can feel picked on? Like we're getting the shaft.

A month ago we moved to Brazil, and it has been quite the rollercoaster (or in Portuguese: montanha-russa, direct translation meaning Russian mountain. What?)

Oh the little things.

Lots of cold, rainy days (I thought I was in Brazil??) A pan that seems to burn everything, every time. Not being able to find basics (like ground beef) in the grocery store. No wifi. Husband that works long, never-ending hours. All of our beloved belongings still sitting in L.A., 3.5 months after sending it off. Not being able to express myself, this language gives me a headache sometimes. Needing converters/adaptors for everything. Dare I say lonely? Missing my friends and family. Stranded, no car. Broken chargers. No fridge. Everything is SO expensive, and in my pessimistic attitude: crappy quality. Oh, and no phone. Communication with outside world = non-existent.

How the list could go on... and on. Obviously, I would be a big fat liar if I said everything this month has been wonderful, exciting, and "everything a new home should be". Except, a new home usually isn't so enjoyable at the beginning, I think. It has been really tough, and I've been frustrated to tears numerous times.

And then.

Then there are those moments that just slap me in the face, and it's like I can finally see clearly. My oh my, what a brat I can be!! Missing the enormous blessings staring me right in the eye. First of all- how awesome it is to actually be here! And friends who are moving and generously gave us practically all their furniture- for free. (Otherwise, we'd still be using an air mattress with a duct taped hole.) Or an adorable little house that is just ours for 2 years. Amazing people that have gone above and beyond to help us out, just because. My superstar dad that gladly hauls down boxes of peanut butter, pumpkin puree, and ziploc bags. The most delicious mangoes you have ever tasted. Getting to spend time with my sister and cousin before they leave on missions (TO BRAZIL!) And so, so much more.

Bottom line: life is so hard, but even more beautiful.

HOWEVER, as a side note things are seriously looking up. Finally having a fridge, wifi, and phone improved quality of life a million fold overnight. Rainy days mean I can wear boots and jackets, something I suspect will become extinct too soon in a Brazilian summer. I can't make all the American dishes I crave, but Brazilian dishes can be every bit as tasty- and exciting to learn new ways of cooking. Alex's hours are getting more regular. Hallelujah! And last week I traveled to Iguaçu Falls with my two favorite girls.

This awkward gem had to be included

When Alex and I visited Iguaçu last year, the water was white as could be, as seen below. So stunning and what you imagine Iguaçu to look like. This picture is taken at the same spot as the one below it.

This year, due to lots of recent rain, the water was a murky brown from top soil. Unfortunately, not as "stunning" as before. I was a little disappointed that the girls couldn't witness Iguaçu like I did, but looking back at this picture has made me realize a few things. 

I love the contrast. The brown almost looks red, and against the green and gorgeous rainbow, it is beyond. Not the picture perfect I remembered, but actually better in a special way. Basically, this picture reminds me that life is full of contrast- the great and the definitely not-so-great moments. It takes patience to look past the difficult things, but together it makes something exceptional and much more interesting.

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