Wisdom Teeth Adventure

Friday, January 20, 2012

This morning I got my wisdom teeth out. And it wasn't too bad, considering I don't remember anything- except for a few select awkward moments.

Pros: My cheeks aren't as dramatically chipmunk-ish as I pictured. They aren't by any means normal, but compared to the cartoon resemblance I was anticipating... I'm not complaining. You never know with those infamously round Neeleman cheeks! Also having a perfectly good excuse to just hang out is totally okay with me.
Con: I haven't been able to keep down a sip of water or food all day. Sustenance is reeeeeaaallllyyy looking good. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

Everything aside, these videos make it ALL better. I hope you find some enjoyment from one of my non-shining moments. Oh and excuse my nasty red teeth, apparently the gauze and I didn't get along.

I still can't believe I am uploading these... but somehow I can't resist. Perhaps any social inhibitions that I have will resurface in the morning, but probably not.

P.S. I'm selling my ocycodone if anyone is interested.
.....i kid, i kid:) Already disposed of them the right way- so don't you get any ideas.

It's Vegas Baby

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For our 1 year anniversary, Alex and I decided to keep it classy and go to Las Vegas. Why not, right?

It was great. I decided December is the best time of year to visit Vegas.
1. Probably the classiest you will ever see it- elaborate Christmas decorations, exhibits, and lots of happy music. Nothing short of spectacular.
2. The weather is AWESOME. 65 degrees, I'll take it!

And thanks to Alex's dads amaaazing Marriott discount, it was pretty much guilt free!

We loved sleeping in and walking all over- we calculated that we walked 8-10 miles one day. Wearing high heels- I don't recommend it! We even enjoyed a real Vegas buffet. And I fell in love with the Bellagio's water show... it is enchanting.

My only complaint: they had room service for lunch and dinner, but not breakfast. Now, does that make any sense?

We spent our last night with Alex's grandma, Mam and her six cats. Yes, six. And I have pictures to prove it. Cat ladies are a real thing people!

Doesn't that freak you out just a little bit?

Mam is the best! One of the most hospitable and thoughtful people I've ever met. And she's a riot.

For lunch she took us to a French bistro in the Paris that I'm pretty sure I will dream about for the rest of my life. Mon Ami Gabi. Everything was delicious, and the view of the Bellagio's water show right across the street just put everything over the top for me.

Oh, and a banana foster for dessert doesn't hurt either.

Why yes, that is my husband.

There are pictures of us, but I've seemed to misplace the chord for my old camera. Rats.

An extra little tidbit for you: I hauled our wedding cake with us. Too bad the TSA man didn't think it was as cute as I did, but I passed:)

Alex doesn't quite understand this tradition, and was seriously skeptical of a year-old cake. He ate a few bites, and had me giggling with his exaggerated, "mmmm, freezerburn....!"

It has been an amazing year bebe!

Back in Business

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

We’re back!

After a few days in Vegas, northern Utah with Alex’s family for the holidays, then flying out on a red-eye Christmas night to the Dominican Republic for a vacation with my family…

We somehow made it back to our little home sweet home.

Christmas break exceeded all expectations. It was so great to be with both of our families, enjoying both sides of the spectrum from little family to massive family. We thrive in the extremes I suppose.

I’m going to have to split this all up into smaller posts, but for today-

a little list of things that are awesome right now:

-4 7oz of hummus deliciousness at Smiths for $5. Who possibly needs that much hummus you say? Right here, gladly.
-today is 55 degrees?!
-no weight gain from break!!! yeeeeehawwww
-2 more nieces on the way
-Williams Sonoma's annual sale...hitting that up tonight!
-my calves and hamstrings are FINALLY finished being sore from insanity workout with my obsessed family. It only took 5 days.

My beloved basil plant has officially bit the dust. Haven't had the heart to throw away, and keep watering it but no miracles yet. I'll keep you posted.

Happy new year!
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