Wisdom Teeth Adventure

Friday, January 20, 2012

This morning I got my wisdom teeth out. And it wasn't too bad, considering I don't remember anything- except for a few select awkward moments.

Pros: My cheeks aren't as dramatically chipmunk-ish as I pictured. They aren't by any means normal, but compared to the cartoon resemblance I was anticipating... I'm not complaining. You never know with those infamously round Neeleman cheeks! Also having a perfectly good excuse to just hang out is totally okay with me.
Con: I haven't been able to keep down a sip of water or food all day. Sustenance is reeeeeaaallllyyy looking good. Crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

Everything aside, these videos make it ALL better. I hope you find some enjoyment from one of my non-shining moments. Oh and excuse my nasty red teeth, apparently the gauze and I didn't get along.

I still can't believe I am uploading these... but somehow I can't resist. Perhaps any social inhibitions that I have will resurface in the morning, but probably not.

P.S. I'm selling my ocycodone if anyone is interested.
.....i kid, i kid:) Already disposed of them the right way- so don't you get any ideas.


  1. Freaking Hilarious!!! I love it 100%!!!!

  2. Victoria, this just made my day! Oh my gosh I started crying because I was laughing so hard. And I didn't know you have a blog so I thought I would comment. Seriously, you are hilarious. Good thing you don't do drugs though you kind of do like them :)

  3. I PROTEST! You cut some of the second movie and I want it BaCK! I need it like you need your drugs ok? haha

  4. VICTORIA ON DRUGS!!!!!!! Sooo funny. I need to drug you more often so you get like this. Remember when you wanted to do an ambien night. I'm down...hahahaha


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