Belated Gratitude

Monday, November 28, 2011

"The" Thanksgiving Sweater

Who do I appreciate?


My cousin Lauren who wines and dines me with her meal plan every Tuesday. Which leads me to..

Cannon center, I’ll admit it now. I never knew what I had with you.

My sister Hilary who always cracks me up and is visiting next week. YES!!!

An amazing family that I married into. All cheesy-ness aside, I hit a gold mine people.

My 7 sistas

What insights have I recently gained that I’m grateful for?

Stop worrying and stressing out about things you can’t control. It’s unhealthy and doesn’t do a thing but hurt yourself.

You get out of life what you put into it. Especially relationships

You can’t just expect life to get better by avoiding things. You need to actively seek out the good, because most of the time it isn’t going to just fall in your lap.

What are little things am I grateful for
Notes from husband. He really rocks at those
The gym. Oh how I love and need you. Especially after a week of Thanksgivingness
Christmas music
My camera
Glasses when too lazy for contacts
Done with that beastly research paper

Thanksgiving was a total ball- all week long! This year we were with Alex's family since mine decided to stay in Connecticut this year. It was just as Thanksgiving should be- full of cooking, laughing, food, talking, games, some more cooking, and then some more food. It was Thanksgiving perfection. Loved it all!

We are happy to be in the kitchen all day long...really!

Oh and did I mention...

I accidentally called my mother-in-law a hooker, and her dog pathetic.? Ohhh golly...but somehow she still likes me.
I think.

And their cats enjoy bullying me?

I pet a dog this weekend. A few times. (Applause, applause!)
The end.
This is probably the farthest I will go

I found my new favorite Christmas song. Step aside Mariah, hellooo Bruce Springsteen! How did I not know about this??!

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