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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For our 1 year anniversary, Alex and I decided to keep it classy and go to Las Vegas. Why not, right?

It was great. I decided December is the best time of year to visit Vegas.
1. Probably the classiest you will ever see it- elaborate Christmas decorations, exhibits, and lots of happy music. Nothing short of spectacular.
2. The weather is AWESOME. 65 degrees, I'll take it!

And thanks to Alex's dads amaaazing Marriott discount, it was pretty much guilt free!

We loved sleeping in and walking all over- we calculated that we walked 8-10 miles one day. Wearing high heels- I don't recommend it! We even enjoyed a real Vegas buffet. And I fell in love with the Bellagio's water show... it is enchanting.

My only complaint: they had room service for lunch and dinner, but not breakfast. Now, does that make any sense?

We spent our last night with Alex's grandma, Mam and her six cats. Yes, six. And I have pictures to prove it. Cat ladies are a real thing people!

Doesn't that freak you out just a little bit?

Mam is the best! One of the most hospitable and thoughtful people I've ever met. And she's a riot.

For lunch she took us to a French bistro in the Paris that I'm pretty sure I will dream about for the rest of my life. Mon Ami Gabi. Everything was delicious, and the view of the Bellagio's water show right across the street just put everything over the top for me.

Oh, and a banana foster for dessert doesn't hurt either.

Why yes, that is my husband.

There are pictures of us, but I've seemed to misplace the chord for my old camera. Rats.

An extra little tidbit for you: I hauled our wedding cake with us. Too bad the TSA man didn't think it was as cute as I did, but I passed:)

Alex doesn't quite understand this tradition, and was seriously skeptical of a year-old cake. He ate a few bites, and had me giggling with his exaggerated, "mmmm, freezerburn....!"

It has been an amazing year bebe!

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  1. Okay, you guys are too cute!
    And Mon Ami Gabi? Fantastique! I stayed at the Paris when I was there about two years ago and loved it! You'll have to eat at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, it's even better!
    --Kelsey Richardson


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