Great Grandma Roselle

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Last week was my great grandma Roselle’s funeral. What a party it was! That may sound odd, but when you live to the age of 103 and live the life she did up until her final days- that calls for a huge celebration. For that reason, it was probably the best funeral I’ve ever been to!

The closing of the casket was somber and emotional, coming to terms with the fact that- no, she will not keep defying all laws of science and live forever. I won’t be able to stop by the next time I am in town for great conversation, food, and of course chocolate. I will really miss that homey, time warp of a house that always felt like home. 

I remember spending Christmas Eve nights there along with many other cousins, waking up to eggs on the golden rod and hot cocoa. I remember that I slept there on the night before my wedding, on the living room floor with my mom and little sisters. I remember when I was attending BYU and had a class in the Salt Lake Center once a week. After that dreadful 4 hour class, I would head straight to grandma's. They call it the time warp for good reason- it’s like time doesn’t pass while you are there. The decor is unchanged for who knows how long- the same pictures and newsclippings on the wall, the same movies stashed on an overcrowded shelf, racks of freshly made candy in the “small kitchen”, and of course an inhuman sized chunk of milk chocolate on the counter with a butcher knife laying next to it. The best of all, is that when you finally look at your watch you are amazed at how much time has passed- how was it possible?! I could go on and on. It is one of my favorite places on the planet.

We took these pictures on our last visit with grandma, just a few days before she passed. Of course she had us laughing and there were trays and trays of homemade caramel apples and candy sitting in the kitchen to be eaten by whoever wanted some.

The funeral was such a perfect tribute to the woman who embodied life and loved every second of it. She was witty, hilarious, patient, completely selfless, and absolutely one of a kind. We all left wanting to be just like her. We love you and already miss you so, so much Grandma Roselle!!

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