A few of my favorite things

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spontaneous dance parties (in the car, kitchen, etc)
Reading through a cookbook
Liam learning a new word
Long walks
Alex coming home for lunch
Homemade bread
Being at a football game
Planning a party
Costco and Trader Joe's
Feeling of accomplishment after a hard workout
Country music
Laying Liam in his crib, immediately followed by a huge, sleepy grin

The last couple months have been wonderful, and full of everything on this list. Almost.

Can I complain for a minute? This will be the 4th year (in a row) that we have missed a good ol' American fall, and I am (a lot) sore about it. Instagram is obnoxiously (but yet wonderfully) full of red leaves, boots, football games, and layers. Torture I tell you. However. ...drum roll... My sister is getting married next month, so I get to experience a week or two of it! I could kiss her.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures from life lately.

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