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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back in Brazil! Driving to our house from the airport felt surreal- I couldn't believe it had already been nearly a month! We had the best break. EVER. I feel like I had a perfect amount of time- 5 days in CT, Utah for 7 staying with my in-laws, and another 8 days with my entire family in the DR. I didn't haul my wonderful camera around, so hooooray for phone pics. As per usual these days.

I selfishly left a few days before Alex, anxious to enjoy the Christmas season in New Canaan, and my little brother's state championship game. I was in a total winter wonderland- a freezing one at that! But I loved bundling up in layers upon layers for a 18 degree state championship game (in which we schooled our rivals), sitting by the fire with my sisters, running around with nieces and nephews, taking a Costco run with my dad, and much more.

A typical moment in the "commune"

ALSO I finaaally got to see one of my best friends from seemingly forever, Lauren. I took a last minute train out to NYC and it was a perfect night walking around Chelsea Market, exploring the holiday shops, dessert at Max Brenner, and mostly catching up- because it really has been too long.

Then I headed out to Utah, where we stayed with the animal people.

Haha, just kidding. But not really:)

Some of the things we did included: Temple Square to see the lights, a lot of Christmas shopping (and loading up on things you can't get in Brazil), decorating gingerbread houses, time with my hero of a grandpa, and of course I baked a lot. One in particular, homemade marshmallows. These have been on my "Cooking Bucket List" for awhile. SO good, and surprisingly easy. I used Alton Brown's recipe. DO IT.

My grandma already started my baby quilt! 

Alex and I have completely different family dynamics- mine is huge, loud, and more often than not chaotic. His is small and relaxed. Both are so much fun, and it's nice to have the best of both worlds to enjoy.

As if all of this wasn't more than enough, the day after Christmas we flew out to the Dominican Republic, something my family has done the past 5 years or so. All the siblings and grandkids came, and we rented a house right on the beach. Ohhhhhh paradise!

Of course, s'mores on New Years

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