Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Last night after Alex got home and we ate dinner (I actually had it ready when he got home, yes!!) we decided to go for our usual walk. The last fifteen minutes, a big storm was obviously rolling in. Soon there were flashes of lightning and loud thunder so we kicked up our pace to a jog and got home just in time for pouring rain.

The lightning and thunder decided to get all dramatic, and before long the power was out. It was only 8:30 but we climbed in bed and snuggled up by the window to watch the lightning show in pitch black. We were completely unplugged, since the internet was down and we didn’t want to waste battery life (who knows how long it will be out this time?) There were no chores or cleaning to be done, because you couldn’t see anything. Alex couldn’t do work stuff. There was simply nothing else to do but enjoy the moment. Everything was so quiet and peaceful. Besides the thunder, of course. But even that was peaceful too. Isn't there something so cozy about listening to pouring rain and thunder while you are warm and dry inside? It's one of my favorite things.

Because it was early, we weren’t tired. So we talked. Mostly about baby. What we are most nervous for, and what we are most excited about. I love moments like that.

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