Saturday, September 29, 2012

Last weekend Alex and I traveled to Guarajuba, a little beach town outside of Salvador. A family friend graciously offered her vacation home right on the beach, and basically, it was bliss. I'm embarrassed to say that I lugged my DSLR with me, only to take a couple pictures five minutes before we left. It was one of those rare times (for me) that I don't have the irresistible urge to capture everything, from every angle. The few I took were from our phone.

It was a chillax weekend full of swimming in the ocean, reading to my little heart's content, french toast (with a sorry attempt of carmelized bananas), sleeping in, and lots of sun with an ocean breeze. It was dreamy, especially knowing that we will probably never do this again. For a while at least. I mean, seriously- just the two of us in a beautiful house right on the ocean.. in Brazil??

This weekend I finally got my hands on Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I've been waiting to read it for well over a year, and I devoured it. Alex began reading over my shoulder around page 100, and the rest of the weekend consisted of hoarsely reading aloud to each other. That is, until we took a break for the Utah vs. ASU came. ...But then prompty resumed when the poor Utes got creamed.

Now for the, for lack of a better word, unglamorous part of our week. Of course I'm still having Portuguese "learning curves" on a daily basis. And lucky for me, they are usually quite awkward for everyone around. At least I'm keeping people on their toes. A little tip, don't tell people how "excitante" (excited?) you are. Eventhough google translate says its fine. FYI, google doesn't know everything.

Top ramen, every night. As a foodie, it's flat out embarrassing. But right now I'd rather travel. When in Brazil I suppose...

Something else, our stove has been bit by bit (or perhaps instantaneously) giving me unreasonable anxiety. Such a pathetic little thing, but it drives me half mad. I'm not sure whether it's the ancient pans, or that there is no such thing as "medium" between off and blazing high... or the combo. Either way, I can't go near it without muttering all sorts of unladylike things.

The oven is Alex's downfall. But to his credit, we are convinced that in its previous life, this little hellraiser was once engineered to be a death trap. Who knew I'd be missing my sliver of a kitchen back in Provo so dearly?!!

Lastly, this week has been surprisingly chilly. Compared to Utah, it's nothing. We love poking fun at Brazilians bundled up in marshmallow coats, thick scarves, and gloves in 60 degree weather- but with no heating systems in any buildings, it can get a little frio at night. This picture is actually old, but if I had this hat with me I'd definitely be using it.

We leave Brazil in a month...I can't believe it! As excited as I am to see family, friends, fall weather, and getting back to normal life with people that speak english- this is going by way, wayyyy too fast.

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