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Sunday, September 9, 2012

1. Hilary is a MOMMY! And I have to say, Hallie Rose is one of the most beautiful babies I've seen.  Skype dates rock with this little one. Have I ever mentioned that I am legitimately terrified that I won't love my own children as much as my nieces and nephews? I have nightmares about it.

2. We visited Brasilia. My favorite part was this beauty, the Dom Bosco Church.

3. I broke my piggy toe. And they made me go to the hospital, which was simply hilarious. Too bad nothing can keep me from 4" heels! Anti-inflammatories, and this thick bandage for 6 weeks you say? Good one doc, good one... (This is where the dumb American card comes in handy.)

4. I am in love with White Collar. I think the only other TV series I've been this excited about was Lost (eventhough I peaced out for the last season.) Well.... unless you count The Next Food Network Star, Biggest Loser, and American Idol- but I probably should have kept that to myself.

5. Husband found out that the (American Sports) Center is on every morning for one precious hour. It's like every morning at 8AM is Christmas, and the first day of school at 8:45 when we have to leave before the "Top 10 Plays" comes on. It's quite the exhausting cycle to begin your day with. (If you're wondering, we are not fans of the first day of school.)

6. I found a way to make cookies and pancakes here. Thanks Dad for smuggling baking powder, baking soda, and chocolate chips in for me. HALLELUJAH!

7. Speaking of my dad, he is pretty cool. I always knew that, but seeing what he has done down here is downright awesome. Azul celebrated their 20th million customer on Wednesday, and they did it with serious style. Hippies handing out flowers, a marching band playing "All You Need is Love", and a dancing parade of escatic people through the airport.

Above 4 Photo Creds: Noemi Ferrer

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