Reminiscing Summa-Summa

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I was really bad at blogging the past few months. We had an awesome summer. Who can say they lived in the {tiny} heart of Edgartown for free? Vineyard, I knew I'd miss you- but I didn't expect it this soon. FYI, this post is going to be picture overload. Making up for lost time you see.

Things I miss:
These guys. Yaaaa front of the house! We liked each other so much we coordinated T-shirts to match. Becky, Parker, Lizzie.

Preppy style. The essence of class I tell you! They know what they're doing over there.

Practically snorting chai lattes… not the loveliest picture for you, but oh. my. goodness. Christmas in a cup right there. If you know of a decaf version, please let me know.

("Did you just sniff that guy's drink?"....awkward)

Coming home after a long tiring day, and NO HOMEWORK! Chillax to the max.

Homemade ice cream. Mad Martha’s, I owe it all to you

Not having to pay for gas. Or rent. Or utilities. Or really anything. Oh, the life!

Our wonderful branch! All 11 members of it.

Cookies at my beck and call. Never again is probably a good thing.

Oh Petra, you temptress.. "And I never thought I'd mean that in a bad way!"
(Modern Family last week anyone?)

Paying homage to the Back Dog. For those of you not familiar, this is pretty much mecca of the east coast

5 minutes to get ready. MacPhails T-Shirt? Check. Hat? Check and done. Now that's a way to live.

Dinner on the beach

Getting Felipe all riled up. For the record, Czech and Russia are NOT the same thing:)

Czech flag. Food art

Tips. Its amazing/pathetic how $20 can change your day.

Witnessing Alex cook all day. So satisfying/amusing/...knowing it will never happen again

Moon walk contests (because I always won)

The beach

Becky, I miss hearing your lovely British accent all day. Oh and witnessing you and Parker’s love and hate relationship. Those really made my day.

Lobster rolls. I crave you on a daily basis

I kiiinda miss getting creative with workouts. Lifting any random boxes we could find, playground circuit training, you name it- we probably did it. It was exciting. Felt like a "Biggest Loser moment" every day. HOOORAHHH

....Those were heavier than they look

Work it short shorts!

Jannae, thanks for hooking us up for the best summer ever!!! We loooove you.

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