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Friday, October 28, 2011

Want to hear something cool? I'm officially Victoria Neeleman Hill. After 10 months of being married, I finally did it! I've been practicing my new signature for some time now, so I'm pretty excited about it. Now I just need to remember to actually do it...

Want to hear something else cool? After Christmas my family is going to Dominican Republic! They are renting a beautiful house on a beach and all nine of us will be there there (plus spouses + kiddos) --it's going to be unreal. Which leads me to the hot mess:/

I need to get my passport renewed with my new name. To get that I need a drivers license with my new name on it. So I'm getting my first Utah drivers license. And I need to take a written test and everything. But not so fast, because to get that, I need my new social security card.

Social security card --> drivers license --> passport = done before Dec 26th? Please, oh pleaseeee!

Soo today I went to the DMV, with a folder full of all the laame necessary requirements for a new drivers license. I even took their online practice test to brush up. I was determined not to forget anything this time! Waited in line for 20 minutes and went to the desk of someone who didn't seem as excited to see me as I was them.

Marriage certificate?
Social security card?
2 proofs of address?
Birth certificate?

I was feeling so smug. Being prepared is just the best, isn't it?

Oh wait, the wallet-sized, laminated version of my birth certificate is considered invalid as of 2006.

Oh okay. No worries, here's my passport.
Lady, this is expired. Next!

FYI, don't even try to fudge your way with those guys. Because DMVers take crap from nobody. And they don't care about your sob story of going to Dominican Republic with your huge family and could especially care less if you think their rules are stupid.

I wanted to scream. Then cry. Instead, I resorted to blasting angry Taylor Swift/country songs all the way home and singing my guts out to it. Yes- so juvenille, but somehow it always does the trick. Try it sometime. Thanks Taylor, you always know just what to say:) ...why you gotta be so meannnn

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