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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It is nuts that I am 30 weeks pregnant and still haven't even mentioned it on here yet! Whoops. Overall, this pregnancy is going by much faster than last time! But it couldn't be more different. First off, baby #2 is a girl! It took me a while to really grasp that, since I am in complete boy mode with Liam. We found out around 14 weeks, and every ultrasound since (including the one last week) I have asked if she is still a girl. Just to be sure. You can't ever be too sure...right?

The first trimester "morning" (more like "all day") sickness this time around bulldozed me right over. Not my favorite. But there have been some perks this time around- I have hardly gotten sick at all this pregnancy, which was the constant battle last time. And my sciatic nerve pain isn't as constant! WIN.

Among many more, another change is how much faster my body has been growing! Like everywhere. Not going to lie, it has been alarming. And I've had to remind myself several times to just go with it. {And FYI it has nothing to do with the new, ah-mazing gelato place we found. No way!}

And then there is the infamous Brazilian blunt honesty. "Que gordinha!" (Translation: little fatty!) and "sua barrig√£o enorme!" (your huge, enormous belly!) are totally normal and cool now. Truly. Actually, it makes me smile. I just die thinking about the response that would give you in the States.

Another random note...I swear that I was able to feel the baby moving as early as 12 weeks, I guess this time I knew exactly what I was looking for? But 18 weeks later, they still don't get old! I absolutely treasure them. I remember after I had Liam, it took me months to get used to the fact that there wasn't a baby kicking in there anymore. And it's weird to keep your hand on your belly for no reason.

So basically, I am so over-the-moon excited for this little one to come! Now we are in the final stretch, my mind is all things baby. Give me an air conditioner, snacks, a snow cone or frosty (OH HOW I DREAM OF YOU!), and we are all happy over here. Because nobody wants to hang with a hot and hungry 7.5 month pregnant girl. #madcowdisease

Now for some scattered bump pics over the past few months

Stripes are super flattering these days

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