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Friday, March 1, 2013

The last post was a little catch up until end of December...ish. What has been going on since then?

Well, my hair is a little lighter. This freezing winter has been a little dreary, so something needed some brightness around here. Still keeping with the ombre idea for low maintenance though, thus the darker roots and back (if you could see that.)

I made a heart garland for Valentines day. Craft virgin no more! Not perfect and the demo still looks way better, but nonetheless- SO proud. In fact, I don't think I'll take it down... We are a bit desperate for decorations around here. A little background for you, I am basically the opposite of crafty. I would LOVE to be able take advantage of the endless DIY crafts I see on pinterest, but I am horribly unknowledgeable at it. For example, one of the decorative pillows on our bed has had a rip along the seam for any embarrassing amount of time. Finally I decided it was time to do something about it. So I took out the mini sewing kit I haven't touched since unwrapping as a wedding gift, and searched for youtube videos on how to start and finish a stitch. Basically the simplest, common sense knowledge ever. How embarrassing is that? But I did it! Crooked stitches and all. It was a good, fulfilling moment.

The most pathetic part is that my mom sent me to sewing camp in 7th grade. I should be a sewing guru. But I was bitter and oh-so-snotty about it. Being dropped off at sewing camp with my little sister and her friends was probably the un-coolest thing for my 13 year old ego. So, I did what dumb newly teens do. I was determined not to learn a thing. And while my sister came home with homemade pijamas and pillows, I came home with a couple mini-skirts (still handmade- but basically cut fabric) that suited my defiant 'tude perfectly. So here I am, ten years later and totally incompetent, wishing to take back my week at sewing camp. 

Excuse the terrible quality, phone pics at their best

A few other things... Behold, my favorite snacks that I cannot live without. 

Lastly, we spent last week skiing with my family. They come out every year in February for a solid week of tearing it up. Somehow I convinced Alex to give it another go (last year wasn't the best experience for him...my fault) and he did so fantastic! This time, however, we decided to go our separate ways for the majority of the time. We love each other, but I don't think teaching your spouse how to ski is good for your marriage;) 

I also got to spend some quality time with the one and only Hallie Rose. Missing her soo much

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