A Little Catch Up- part 1

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So... it's been a while. Since last time, we came back from Brazil and have been busy working and taking classes for our last semester at BYU. I seriously can't believe it! This has been such an amazing chapter of our lives, and to be honest- I am really nervous about it ending. Living in our little basement apartment, taking classes together, teaching in our student ward, working for White Willow Reception, new friends, studying for tests upon tests, rugby games, and much more. Basically, establishing just us.

I have to say though, I could do without more tests and homework. That part I can handle juuust fine. ...Except how totally weird that is!! 18 years of schooling (if you could preschool, which I definitely do) and now you are telling me I am done?! Just the thought boggles my mind.

Yet, I've also been a person that welcomes change. I'm all about new scenery and opportunities, and I am excited about it. The thing that freaks me out is: I have never had such an uncertain future before. I have always known the next step, and this time I am totally clueless. So incredibly strange (and thrilling) to think that in a few months, we are gong to be somewhere else and doing something else completely different.  Maybe we will stay in Utah- maybe we wont. Maybe we will stay in the U.S.- maybe we won't. When I say clueless, I really mean without a single clue.

So there is my (finally-it-ended) babble. Here's a few phone pics from those beloved two months between getting back from Brazil and until the next semester began. Basically it was all around family, and it doesn't get better than that.

Because of Hurricane Sandy, they celebrated Halloween out east a week late- and we got to see the cutest munchkins in the world sporting their Halloween costumes. Even Alex and I dressed up this year as a devil & angel. Alex amazes me yet again, this time with leggings and a tutu.

And then we headed out to Austin, to visit my sista Hilary and her new baby boo Hallie. I totally fell in love with Austin and Hallie. I loved Austin's funky vibe, and Hallie was sweet to put up with me putting her diapers on backwards. (Amelia Bedelia strikes again)

 We also spent a lot of time with Alex's family- always a good time. Aren't they all SO good looking??

Ruth had to leave unexpectedly before Thanksgiving, so I had the (terrifying) opportunity of being in charge of Thanksgiving this year! But planning menus is probably one of my favorite things ever. Somehow, it all went smoothly and of course I made way too much because cooking for less than 20 people simply doesn't register for me.

 (caramel pumpkin gingersnap cheesecake, courtesy of Pioneer Woman)

Then, we kicked off December with a trip to Disneyland with the whole crew (or should I say caravan?)

Of course, Disneyland would never be complete without gnawing on a turkey leg. mmmm

Somewhere in there, we also snuck in a trip to Vegas and the Dominican Republic. Pictures of that will have to come later, except one more- which is probably my favorite. My cousin Tyler got home from his mission!! This picture completes it all. We really missed you, Ty guy.

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