Found My Mother's Day Gift!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's day is difficult, as much as we love our mothers. Seriously, what do you give the woman who gave birth to you??? It is a bit overwhelming at times, isn't it? Of course your mom will always tell you how amazing and thoughtful your gift was, but lets face it- does she ever use it?

So, I finally found something that I'm pretty siked about.

Check it out.
It kills me! Read this dreamy description:

"Cultivated on a pesticide-free and herb
icide-free family-owned farm, it is picked by hand, air dried and gathered into wreaths. Intended for display indoors or in a sheltered area, the wreath is ideal for a kitchen or bedroom, where its fragrance will last for months to come. 14" diam."

And they ship the next day, does it get better than that?

Since my mom still hasn't seen my blog yet, I figure I'm same with this. This is totally her style, well at least I am hoping it is! Any other ideas?

P.S. This is my hot mama, in case you are interested. Not only is she stunning, but possibly the most amazing woman I know.

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