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Friday, April 8, 2011

This may be a long post, but it’s been a long process. Mainly because I’m ridiculously slow about it.

To begin, I love where we live. A basement apartment with the best land lady ever, lots of space, access to a washer/dryer, and for a dang good price too (with utilities included!) Who could ask for more?

However, it needs a little brightening. I’m not even sure if that word works in this sentence, but that’s what it needs. My brother Daniel described our little home like being in a cruise ship. Hmm, rude?

Here’s a picture of us one of our first nights moved in. I was obviously all excited about being a wifey! We hadn’t gotten any of our furniture yet, so here we are wining and dining on a coffee table that was here when we moved in. Don’t judge the ugly looking meal- I did the best with what I had, aiiight?

Don’t worry, it came eventually. Here’s our new, wonderful table. Got the whole set for $140!!

Alejandro did a dang good job at putting it together, eh?

My mom is an incredible decorator, and our house has always looked a-a-amazing- but I suppose I’ve always taken it for granted. Because I didn’t know WHAT I was going to do with this space. It’s yet to come to natural for me. My genius solution: I didn’t really do anything and didn’t let anyone come over. Sorry, Jannae;) Isn't decorating supposed to be the fun part?

So when my family came out for skiing as they do every year, my momma came to the rescue. I think she was a little horrified with this place that I called “home”. I was just happy to have the boxes out of sight! But, yes she was right- I guess it looked like nobody lived here. She got me a darling red rug for my kitchen and a lamp for our bedroom from Tjmaxx.

Doesn't really match with the apartment, but it was too cute to pass up!

And she hung up some pictures, convinced me to paint the walls yellow, gave me a candy jar, and found a way to use the random trinkets I didn’t know we had. Even got me some plants.

Uhh, sorry. Thank heavens I don't have a baby I suppose.

By the way, my camera is having a difficult time cooperating today, so most of these are cell pics and I’m not terribly pleased with them.

We got rid of the wallpaper that the last tenant (or maybe 2 tenants ago?) had ever so lovingly plastered all over the walls. I like to think she had good intentions. For those of you that have tried this, it was quite a job! And we had far too much fun doing it.

And then Ruth and Lance (Alex’s saves-me-all-the-time parents) came down to help us paint. In about 3 hours, we got 3 rooms done! The yellow is so fun in the kitchen, still trying to get used to it in the eating area (..don‘t know what to call it yet- it‘s not quite a dining room), and then a nice tan in our living room. One of these days I will get to painting the other two rooms an olive green color. Already have the paint and everything, but I think I’ll wait till finals are over.

I really wish I had pictures of that day, something tells me they would be pretty great.

Here is our living room. Not exactly going to show up on the next home magazine, but I'm definitely happy with it, especially with the fact that we put together those little tables.

The couch came as a set (another great price thanks to Pound-ex Whole Sale) with this much larger, luxurious one that won't fit through the door.

Grrr don't get me started.

But anyway, it’s coming together people!!

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