Morning Person Vs Not

Friday, April 1, 2011

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that there are two types of people in this world, those who are morning people and those we are not. When Alex’s alarm goes off in the morning, being the chipper person that he is that dreadful time of day, he practically prances out of bed while I eventually manage to slither off (after quite a bit of coaxing), hair a mess, and not very happy. For the next half hour (at least) you will hardly be able to understand my mumblings (and don’t you dare ask me to repeat it!), and I won’t get any of your jokes, so don’t even try.

And then there’s night time when we finally turn off the lights- (mostly) homework is done, dishes cleaned, etc. Its been a busy but great day, and I am now 100% ready for pillow talk. I LOVE IT. Something about the end of a tiring day and lights off seems to ironically ignite me. Ask my sisters, cousins, or Jannae. You think you’re exhausted, but before you know it- it’s been 3 hours and you’ve discussed your deepest self and most likely laughed your head off about it. Now that’s what I call refreshing!

Alex isn’t so much like that. For some reason when the lights go off, he’s out just like they are. It’s not ideal. It is something I will always be adjusting to, and try my best not to be offended when I pour my heart out and get either a complete irrelevant comment (if I’m lucky) or snoring as a response.

But the past few nights have been extremely odd. I think Alex has done something to try to sabotage my night time personality. By midnight I have turned into a pumpkin, even with my beloved biscotti burning in the oven (good thing they‘re supposed to be crunchy!). And when I say pumpkin I mean literally passed out on the couch, and swatting Alex angrily if he dares try to wake me up again bugging me about something in the oven. You see, I’ve always been someone that you do NOT want to wake up once asleep. Basically, I say and do things I don’t mean. Most of the time I don’t even remember it! But the infamous pee-wee fits are talk for another time. I’m not sure I’m ready to unleash that yet…

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  1. Hey there long lost stranger!
    I'm great. thanks for reading the blog.
    I heard you were married- congrats! You two look so dang cute together, and very happy.
    I love reading your blog as well. So fun!


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