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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This week has been craaazy- a beastly test, 3 quizzes due by 11:59, a 10 page paper, and trying to whip up dinner for my husband whose hunger never faileth. It’s a daunting task. My theory: stuff him. Stuff him so full that all he wants to do is lay down and not move. That sounds kinda bad when I put it that way, but I swear it's not completely malicious. I swear my only objective is that it will at least guarantee me a little time before he's scavenging for food in our empty cabinets and I'm feeling guilty for being such a cheap skate (trying to save money here!) But it doesn't really matter, because like clockwork- in 90 minutes or less he's hungry. I adore food and snacking, but it's still weird to me. But secretly, kinda fun. I’m starting to love cooking. Who would’ve thought? Definitely not me. And definitely not my family or friends. They lovingly called me Amelia Bedelia. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this lovely character, it isn’t a compliment.

I’ve had some interesting experiences. Coincidentally, always with whom I love to call the devil’s advocate when it comes to these things: Abby Read. So I blame her also. But she deceived me- she comes from a family of excellent cooks! NEVER get us cooking together!

Once upon a time, we decided to be domestic for a day. We wanted to cook a cake- and we wanted to go big. That means not a box cake mix (crap!) and double layers. Ohhhh boy. But things actually went really well. The cakes didn’t burn to a crisp or break in half when we dumped them out of the pans, and we even frosted it (by this time we had gotten lazy and resorted to our trusty friend Betty Crocker)- we were pretty proud of ourselves. We proudly called my very large family down to try our wonderful cake. Everyone was really excited! ….Or maybe amused is the right word. The only problem was, when we went to cut it- it wouldn’t CUT. And the top layer kept sliding off! Weird. Well, the show must go on right? Of course Abby and I took the first two slices, and to our horror found out that somehow a sheet of wax paper was cleverly placed between the two layers. Mah bad!

Fast forward in time, we’re sophmores in high school and basically rule the world. Considering we do our own hair and make up every day, write five paragraph essays in English, and are "most def" wiser than our moms at this point in our teenage career- you’d think we’d be ready to tackle sugar cookies. Right? Wrong actually. The dough seemed a little more runny than usual, not as doughy as Tollhouse is, but we figured sugar cookies are a different breed. Unfortunately, our sugar cookies turned out to be a bad smelling brown glob that spread out over the whole cookie tray and made a nice mess of the oven. Sheesh, how were we to know the difference between powdered sugar and flour? ..They’re both white and fluffy....

But don’t worry, even after mistaking powdered sugar for flour we figured we were still wiser than our moms;)

Here's Abby and I as big & bad high schoolers- pretty awesome right? And yes that is a Rockstar I'm holding. I remember that night very well- we both drank 2 rockstars each, and a 5 hour energy on an empty stomach. So dumb. I mean, so cool. But don't ever do it.

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  1. Oh my heck, I died laughing at this one because JAKE IS THE EXACT SAME!!! I eat like tiny portions of stuff and so I make a full meal for 4, I eat 1 portion, Jake eats 3! And it is like clockwork, 2 hours later and he is hungry! Love your blog :)


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