6 months

Friday, October 17, 2014

My little prince is officially 6 months old..! Bah.

...Of course that calls for celebration! He had rice cereal and we had cake. I have to say, we deserve it.

However, it would not be a real milestone if we didn't take millions of pictures. Looking through them afterwards, I was dying laughing. My sweet, smiling boy can pull out a pokerface instantaneously when the camera comes out. Suddenly he is the most serious little thing I've ever seen, and I am pretty sure there isn't anything funnier.

So through the course of a few hundred pictures, we managed to find a few smirks.

The past 6 months have been pretty wild. I've learned a lot, but have never felt so keenly aware of how much more I need to learn. I am getting really good at changing the lyrics to any song to be about Liam- on the fly. (Another weird mom thing?) I'm learning when to throw the to-do list aside and enjoy the moment. Which is kinda a big deal, since I'm a to-do list enthusiast. And nothing melts you faster than seeing your hubs comforting or giggling with your little one. The bond they are already have is so sweet and special, but I suppose that shouldn't surprise me considering they are basically the same.

Out of the blue Alex said he can't imagine our lives without this boy, and I keep thinking about that. Sure there are some things that we miss (i.e. sleep?), and I would be lying if there weren't moments when I'm completely overwhelmed by this whole learning curve thing. But nothing holds a candle to the inexplainable happiness that comes with it all. AND it just keeps getting better! What did we possibly do before?!

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