One Month

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Liam is 1 month old! How bizarre is that? I've also been a mother for 1 month. Just in time for Mother's Day- which was wonderful.

We went to the park for a few hours, then came home and Alex made dinner. I think I might have even snuck in a nap. Does it get better?

At one month old, I can't believe how fast he is already changing! I was just looking through the pictures RaKae took a couple weeks ago, and already there is a huge difference.  Time needs to stop for a little bit, I am looving this stage of constant cuddling too much.

RaKae took some more pictures for us a few days ago.  I can't stop looking through them, namely the ones of Alex and Liam. I am crazy for these boys of mine!

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