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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Woah, things are changing over here.

We're moving. Yep, leaving our adorable house to a pretty rocking apartment an hour and a half away, in Campinas. That means I'm changing doctors and hospitals. I'm also 36 weeks pregnant. (Aka a week away from considered "full-term" by some sources.) BAH!

We decided we wanted to move just a few weeks ago, so there have been a lot of quick decisions going on. I don't really like quick decisions. Especially when they are relatively big- like where we'll be living the next few years, and who will deliver my first baby.

But you make it work. Because actually this move is going to be GREAT and We will be closer to Alex's work (10 minutes versus 2 hours), closer to these wonderful gems, and more. Plus I'd rather have everything settled in our new place than have to move with a newborn.

But let me just say, this "nesting" pregnancy symptom that I've heard so much about is finally starting to kick in and drive me insaaane. The possibility of having this baby early- while everything is in boxes waiting to be moved.. is kinda torturous. Every time I walk by our crib, which is dissembled in various parts, I visibly cringe. Just hang in there a few weeks longer, okay baby?

Below are some pictures from lately, which include a bump that grows daily, delicious homemade pretzels, and a surprise rose from "Women's Day". We decided to "splurge" and go out to dinner at the nice restaurant by our house. Turns out, it was THE best day ever to do this. After seating us, they brought over this gorgeous rose, glass of champagne (apparently the pregnant belly didn't phase them), and presented a specialty, once-a-year 5 course menu. I was beyond dazzled, to say the least.

By the way- I officially loove this holiday. {Shocker.} How come this is the first time I have heard of it?! Somehow I feel totally ripped off. But here's to future celebrations! Because what kind of person maniac wouldn't want to celebrate themselves??

Not my best work, but not bad for a first timer either!

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