Hmm, just a photoshoot in Paris

Monday, July 8, 2013

As I mentioned before, here are the pictures from our unexpected (and absolutely delightful) photoshoot in Paris! Nick and Stephanie from are such genuine, amazing people and their pictures went far beyond my expectations. Checked off "having a photoshoot in Paris" on my bucket list, even though the thought never would have occurred to me beforehand. P.S. you should check out their website, I could look through their pictures and videos all day. They are located in the Lake Tahoe area, but love to travel.

Oh the things the I would have packed had I known we'd be taking pictures like this! Ravaging my little suitcase the night before, I was shocked that I had packed a dress. And even though I would have killed for a different pair of shoes (other than my clunky but oh-so-comfortable boots) it worked out great. Alex of course looked phenomenal.

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  1. I somehow found your blog through your sister Ashley. AMAZING pictures. It has made my Europe craving even bigger now.


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