Saturday, April 28, 2012

We had an amazing trip. Incredible! I don't think I've stopped thinking about it since, and considering it was finals last week- that is saying a lot.

We started in Venice, drove to Florence, and ended it off right in Rome. Oh and a lot of darling towns along the way. I've never been to Europe before, and Italy was so unlike anywhere I've ever seen. I absolutely fell in love!

The beautiful rolling hills with perfectly straight lines of harvesting grapes, orchards of olive trees, and fields of yellow flowers. Then the cathedrals, domes, and museums that left us all awestruck. Killed me!

And what blog post of mine wouldn't include something about food? What can I say, we are food people. You'd think after having pasta twice a day, gelato (sometimes 3x..why not?), and endless pizza- I would be excited to get back to "normal" food. Not so much. In fact, I'm craving thin crusted pizza with prosuitto, lasagna, nutella gelato, and all the different types of pasta (that I embarrassed myself trying to pronounce) like it's nobody's business.

..And then when I came home and described this to the sweet girl I work with, she recommended Applebee's bacon alfredo pasta ("Seriously, SO GOOD!!")- I wanted to cry. Unfortunately, this trip may have turned me into an Italian food snob. Thanks, Italy.

Enough of the complaining, let's bring on the pictures! Here are some pictures from Venice. I really tried to narrow it down, but I suppose I'm a bit of a photography junkie.

 Some of my sistas

 The bag boys. What would we do without them? 

Erica's baby Adam. I missss him!

 Glass making factory

 Why yes, my husband is a model. You'll be seeing a few of these.

 San Marco's Square

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